Sweater Room

Core 1, Professors Oana Stanescu, Brandon Clifford, & William O’Brien Jr.

Collaboration with Jaya Alba & Erin Wong

This project began with an investigation into qualities of a room that are not included by the denotative four walls usually requisite for the label. The giant three-person sweater, instead, suggests how a room might be able to bring people together by mimicking an awkward-comfortable home-like environment. The knitted fabric connects the inhabitants through both the literal interlacing of strings and the comfortable associations of snuggling in soft sweaters and blankets. Manipulation of the form (by raising and lowering sleeves attached to the body of the space) opens the otherwise drooping mass of fabric into a secret and playful headspace shared between three wearers. We took the sweater into downtown Boston to enjoy the awkward yet cozy encounters with strangers, and we made plenty of friends along the way.