Stair to Nowhere

Core 1, Professor Oana Stanescu, MIT

Studio Coordinator William O’Brien Jr.

This project began with a riddle: within the space of a 1:2:1.618 block, design a stair to there and a stair to nowhere. It became an exercise of translations between drawing and 3D. Axonometric drawings of the stair allowed for visual tricks that could make the drawings appear to be to be of entirely different objects and only vaguely related to the 3D print. This relative confusion could then differentiate the stair to there from the stair to nowhere; in each of the two drawings, one of the stairs is apparent, and the other has collapsed either into a line or a surface. Only in the physical model do the two coexist, but even as such, they exist in two separate orientations, reiterating the differences between the two.