Inhabiting 2D

First Place, 2014 Beaux Arts Ball Installation Competition

Collaboration with Dalton Partin, Shannon Newberry, & Olivia Mott

Designed and fabricated for Lexington’s 2014 Beaux Arts Ball, this installation aimed to explore relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space through a giant tessellated glow-in-the-dark wall that would capture the shadow of a passerby on its surface with the flash of a strobe light. The pentagon shape harkens to a traditional house gable, and the push and pull of the painted fabric cladding around the EMT frame causes distortions in the cast shadows, playing with inaccuracies in two-dimensional representation as a person “inhabits” the flat house. Our team won first place in an installation competition with the proposal and was granted funding through the Beaux Arts Foundation to complete the project. The frame assembly and fabric pinning on site took less than three hours; thanks to Matt Ireland & Ian Pangburn for the extra hands when we exhibited at later events.