Abstract Explorations

First Year, Professor Regina Summers, University of Kentucky

These images follow an early exploration of design through generative patterns, investigating the ability of applied patterning strategies based upon research of designs in nature, and the possibilities inherent in imperfect repetition and conflicting systems of organization. The project was done as a part of a first-year studio, focused on phenomenological interpretations of architectural “space” and understanding the role of systems in three dimensions. Exploratory drawings are done with ink and pen, and technical drawings in pencil on mylar. The final model was built of carved foam with chipboard insertions, worked methodologically by applying separate strategies for developing the landscape to discover exciting new moments of interaction and possibilities that come from intersecting systems. Sites were then chosen on this planet-like object-landscape for various programs, from an individual place for contemplation to a community gathering area, which were then developed with an introduced human scale while working within the same language of the original constructed site.