Housing Extension

Third Year, Professor David Biagi, University of Kentucky

Developing a housing extension presented the particular problem of relating to the aesthetic of an infinite variety of homes—from the modern to the traditional. This project combined this challenge with the necessities of an ADA-compliant home through a modular design that, firstly, can be divided between kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom (according to client need) and that can be mostly prefabricated off-site for easy delivery and installation. The design itself has a fluctuating roof line to relate to the traditional gable-style home, with a variety of pitches to vaguely relate to the large variety of homes while still embodying a stand-alone aesthetic. Views and windows from the inside are related to a client in a wheelchair, with particular design considerations such as having the stove visible from the bed (to prevent potential accidents associated with leaving burners on) and having a bathroom that, while hidden from immediate view, provides easy access with no dividing doors.